Jaleco Pony Mark IV Features

A quick test with my sfa3 cps2 set and it looks like all is well. The picture is a touch blurry, but this is a 29" screen (update- I found the "focus" adjustment knob hehe)! It really looks quite fantastic. The marquee lights up for me, and both speakers work, heaven!

On the right you can see it with the hood up (makes it easy to move the monitor to vertical orientation or work on the controls)

Finally, here's the main cavity I have to put stuff in. The wooden panel on the left slides out on a nice tray and has various screw holes in it- mounting pc boards is the norm, but this fella's going to have the guts of a PC in there! It should fit just right on the top half of the board over the power supply. The clear plastic in front of the mounting board on the left is the holder for japanese-style square marquees. I probably won't use this on this cabinet!.

Working Coin mechs, a nice bonus. I'll have to go down to the local bank and pick up a bag full of 100 Yen coins so my kid can play with putting money in :)